How to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram in 2023 Without an App

How to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram

Do you find yourself pondering the identity of those who have unfollowed you on Instagram? If this is a question that often crosses your mind, then this article is tailored precisely for you. In this comprehensive guide, we will divulge the secrets of how to identify those who have unfollowed you on Instagram, all without relying on third-party applications. Additionally, we’ll explore strategies to potentially prevent unfollows on your Instagram account. So, if you’re eager to unearth the reasons behind unfollows and regain a firm grip on your follower list, read on!

Unveiling the Method: How to Detect Unfollowers on Instagram Without Utilizing an App

In the realm of Instagram unfollow tracking, one method stands out as not only the most reliable but also the safest: SpamGuard. While we have previously delved into the art of recovering disabled Instagram accounts, it’s worth mentioning that numerous accounts face suspension due to the use of third-party apps for tracking unfollows. To avoid any unpleasant encounters with Instagram’s terms of service, it’s advisable to steer clear of such apps and opt for a more secure approach. Here’s how you can pinpoint your unfollowers without the aid of external applications:

  1.   Begin by launching your Instagram app and navigating to your profile.
  2.   Locate the three-line icon positioned in the top right corner and click on it.
  3.   Scroll down to “Settings.”
  4.   Within the “Settings” menu, select “Security.”
  5.   Next, proceed to “Download Data.”
  6.   Input your preferred email address to receive the requested data. Any email address will suffice.
  7.   Click “Request Download” and patiently await Instagram to dispatch the data.

Please note that it may take several minutes, or even a couple of hours, for Instagram to send you the requested data. Once received, it will be presented in a Zip file. To proceed, follow these steps on your computer:

  • Extract the contents of the Zip file and locate the folder labeled ‘followers_and_following.’
  • Within this folder, you will find two files: ‘followers.html’ and ‘following.html.’
  • Open your web browser, preferably Google Chrome.
  • Proceed to visit
  • Copy and paste your followers list into List A and your following list into List B.
  • Click on “Compare Lists.”

The results will be categorized as follows:

  • A only: Users following you.
  • AՈB: Users you follow who also follow you back.
  • B only: Users who are not following you back.

To easily spot your unfollowers, select “Sort A->Z” and click “Compare Lists” once more. You can then revisit the “B only” category to identify your unfollowers efficiently. And there you have it, a method to discern your Instagram unfollowers without resorting to third-party apps.

Effective Strategies to Prevent Unfollowers on Instagram

While it’s not entirely possible to prevent people from unfollowing you on Instagram, you can take proactive steps to minimize unfollows. Here are a couple of approaches to consider:

  1.   Engage in a Conversation: Initiate a polite conversation with individuals who have unfollowed you. Inquire about their reasons for unfollowing and what could motivate them to reconsider. A well-handled conversation can lead to valuable insights.
  2.   Clarify Your Intentions: Send a considerate message expressing your appreciation for their presence on your Instagram. Explain why their engagement matters to you and how you value their feedback.


  1. Why Should I Keep Tabs on Unfollowers on Instagram?

Knowing who unfollowed you on Instagram provides valuable insights into your content’s resonance with your audience and helps identify potential account issues.

  1. Can I Detect Unfollowers on Instagram Without External Apps?

Yes, you can indeed identify your unfollowers on Instagram without the need for third-party applications. While it may be more manual, the process is straightforward.

  1. Is It Possible to Prevent Unfollows on Instagram?

Regrettably, you cannot prevent users from unfollowing you on Instagram. However, by maintaining engaging and relevant content, you can reduce the likelihood of unfollows.

  1. Are Apps for Unfollow Tracking Risky?

It’s not explicitly against Instagram’s terms of service to use such apps, but it’s crucial to select reputable and trustworthy options to ensure your account’s security and compliance.

  1. Are There Any Risks in Manually Checking Unfollowers on Instagram?

Manually checking for unfollowers on Instagram carries no significant risks. However, it can be time-consuming and less precise compared to app-based solutions, particularly if you manage multiple accounts.

  1. Is There an Easier Way to Monitor Unfollowers on Instagram?

Yes, various applications are designed for this purpose, offering advanced features like real-time notifications and comprehensive analytics. It’s essential to research and select a safe and reliable option.

In Conclusion

We trust that this article has equipped you with the knowledge to safely identify Instagram unfollowers without the use of third-party apps. Now, it’s time to put this newfound wisdom into action! Should you have any questions or require assistance in formulating a strategy based on the insights shared today, please feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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