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How to Watch Instagram Stories Without Being Noticed: A Guide

How to Watch Instagram Stories Without Being Noticed

I guess you’re reading this because you’ve been there—you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, then pausing momentarily to sneakily view a friend’s, acquaintance’s, or competitor’s story—only to realize that the user whose content you’ve just sneaked on knows you viewed their story.

This is akin to you returning home oblivious to the fact that your loved ones gathered to celebrate your birthday. You open the door, and suddenly, everyone’s eyes and attention are on you. It’s quite embarrassing. Let this not worry you because the IgAnony viewer will come to your rescue. We’ll learn just how later. 

When the thought of going incognito crosses your mind, an important question lingers too: Is there a way to watch Instagram stories without being noticed?

Certainly! In this guide, we will discuss a few proven tidbits on how to watch Instagram stories while remaining anonymous. Pay keen attention as we delve into it.

Why Would One Want to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously?

People may view Instagram stories anonymously for various reasons. Still, it’s important to note that respecting others’ privacy and following the platform’s terms of service are crucial. Here are a few potential reasons someone might consider viewing stories anonymously:

  • Privacy Concerns: Some users prefer to keep their online activities private and avoid notifying others when they view their stories.
  • Curiosity or Observation: People might be curious about the content others share on their stories but may not want to reveal their interests or identities.
  • Avoiding Social Interactions: To maintain a lower profile, some users may want to observe content without engaging in direct social interactions, such as likes or comments.
  • Avoiding Unwanted Attention: Individuals who want to avoid attracting attention or scrutiny may view stories anonymously to prevent others from knowing they are watching.

What Does Instagram Say About This?

As of the latest app updates, Instagram did not have a built-in feature that allowed users to view stories anonymously. The platform notifies users when someone views their stories, and this notification cannot be turned off.

Instagram might penalize you if the algorithm catches up with you. This happens because going incognito is against Instagram policies and guidelines. The punishment could be a temporary suspension or a permanent ban on your Instagram account.

Does this mean you cannot sneakily view someone’s Instagram stories? By no means! Instagram might not be aware that allowing an anonymous feature could be a game changer for them regarding subscriber numbers. However, that’s not our concern.

4 Foolproof Tips on How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

Back to the crux of the matter, here are different methods that can help you view your favorite stories without being noticed.

1. Quit the Internet temporarily (use airplane mode).

The sneakiest way to go incognito is to temporarily switch off your internet access. If you use a smartphone, iPhone, iPad, or laptop, simply turn off Airplane Mode.

This allows you to preload the story content while the device you are using is connected to the internet and then load it when your device has no access to the internet.

How to do it: 5 Simple Steps

Step #1: Launch the Instagram app on your device.

Step #2: Go to the user’s Instagram page whose story interests you, but you do not want them to know.

Step #3: Once there, wait for the circular loader that indicates the app is processing your command on their profile photo to complete its cycle. The completion of the indicator means that the Instagram Story is already preloaded on your device.

Step #4: Disconnect your device from the web by turning on Airplane Mode or switching off your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

Step #5: Click on the profile photo of the Instagram user for whom you visited their page. Their story will play on your screen. However, the Instagram algorithm will not detect it and will not count it as a view. That’s it!

There is a limitation with this method, though. If the Instagram user whose story you wish to watch without their knowledge has posted numerous videos, your device will most likely fail to load them. However, this should not dampen your spirit to go anonymous, as there are other methods you can use.

2. Use a Third Party App.

The second, and perhaps the most effective, way to view Instagram Stories anonymously is to use a third-party app. Such apps are specifically designed just for this. However, you must be extremely cautious and ensure you only deal with reputable services.

Many third-party apps on the market promise heaven, yet many more are fake and only interested in your money or traffic to their monetized website. Like a needle in a haystack, Iganony viewer stands out because of their reputation and above-board customer service.

3. Watch Secretly from an Adjacent Position.

This is as crafty as it can go. Instead of clicking on the story of interest you wish to watch anonymously, simply look at it by going to a story that precedes it or follows it.

You’re aware that the Instagram algorithm automatically plays a user’s story (or a series of them) and then automatically plays another from a different user in that order. Observe the section above your feed where highlight covers for Instagram Stories are displayed. You will see the order in which stories play, moving from one user to the next.

To pull this off, click on the story frame of the account next to the one you wish to watch anonymously. Once the story of the ‘other’ account begins playing, press and hold on to it. Follow this with an incomplete swipe to the left until you get a sneaky view of the story you want to watch incognito.

Do not be carried away by performing a complete swipe. Just swipe far enough to watch a ‘preview’ of the story you want to watch anonymously. Doing this will enable you to avoid the ‘Seen by’ list while remaining entertained by the content.

The limitation of this lies in the fact that you do not have the opportunity to view the entire story because you’re just getting a peek. We’d recommend this method if you simply want a glance and want to avoid Instagram notifying the person you stopped by.

4. Create a Secondary Instagram Account.

Another alternative to going discrete is creating a secondary Instagram account with an identification remote from your regular account. Since you still know the profile names of those whose stories you wish to watch or any other stories of interest, seek them out and watch them with your new anonymous identity.

Does this mean you have to log out of your main account? By no means. Here is how to create a secondary account without having to log out of your regular account:

Step #1: Visit your main Instagram account.

Step #2: Click or tap on your profile picture in the lower-right section of your screen.

Step #3: Click on the three-dash menu you’ll see on the right upper section of your screen.

Step #4: Locate the gear icon and tap it to access the settings.

Step #5: Click the option “Add Account” at the bottom.

Step #6: Enter your new username and then click next.

Step #7: When prompted, enter an email or phone number (make sure you use a different email address from the one you already linked to your main Instagram account).

Step #8: Confirm the new email address or phone number by entering the confirmation code sent to the mail or phone.

Step #9: Upload a new profile photo (obviously one that does not identify you).

Step #10: Edit your main profile and enter a different, perhaps imaginary, name to make your profile look legitimate.

Switching from your main account to the secondary one is pretty easy. All you need to do is go to your Instagram profile, tap the arrow pointing downward beside your regular username at the top, and simply switch when you see a pop-up.

Final Thoughts

You’re now set to go incognito. All the methods work, but each has its limitations. Working with a reputable third-party app for anonymity can help you avoid the hassle and hustle of the other three methods.

However, always be mindful of ethical behavior and adhere to the guidelines set by social media platforms to ensure a positive and respectful online experience for everyone involved. If you have questions about Instagram’s policies or features, refer to their official help center or support resources.

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