Instagram Story Viewer is an online web based application that is used for anonymous Instagram story viewer. Our tool allows you to spy Insta profiles privately and fast. It also provides the facility to download original stories, photos, reels videos for free. This app provides a view of IG profile and shows details like followers, likes, posts, comments, and insights. It is a very clean and lag-free app to increase Instagram followers. There is no need to sign up or require any third-party extension to access our tool. It is user friendly UI and can be used on any device/OS at anytime. All you need to use is an Internet connection and a web browser like Chrome, Firefox.


Key Features of Insta Stories Viewer

No Instagram Account Required

Instagram story viewer is the great tool for private Insta stalker or viewing if you don’t have an Instagram account. Our tool lets you watch Insta stories anonymously and securely. Whenever you want to view or download stories, posts, photos from Instagram on your device, is the ultimate tool for you.

Anonymous Instagram Viewer or Private Stalker

As you may know, Instagram shows you who already viewed your stories. You can see it by the list it provides. However, if you don’t want people to find out that you watched their stories then you should use our free tool to view Instagram stories anonymously. Your identity is completely hidden and the creators never know how you view their stories.

Fast Downloader for Reels Video, Photos & Posts​

With our Insta stalker tool, you can download IG content directly to your device. Does not matter if you’re using a mobile, tablet or desktop, you can easily download photos and reels videos in high resolution (HD) from public profiles, brand account and even private profiles if you have an access key and just with a few clicks.

How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously


Enter Username

Search for user/brand profile you want to spy or view stories


Fetching Data

  • Paste IG username like Kimkardasian into the search box above​​


Get Results

Once you’ve entered the username, click the watch button. The tool will immediately fetch and display the user’s available stories.

You’ll get full profile info including exact IG username and other options to view Insta stories (active within 24 hours) anonymously or download them locally in your device. Everything is fast and secure.


Join Over 5M Users Who Use Our App to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

Why Choose for Anonymous Instagram Viewer in 2024


There are a few reasons that you need to use this web app for anonymous Instagram viewer and downloader. The main reason is that you don’t have to log in Instagram to view or download Insta stories, reels video, photos and posts with just a few steps. Just add a profile username and watch Instagram stories anonymously without any problem.

As you may know, Instagram shows you who already viewed your stories. You can see it by the list it provides. is a revolutionary IG tool that aims to make viewing, downloading, and exploring Instagram stories with an easy and stress-free experience and 100% free.


Download Insta Stories: Top Benefits & Use Cases

Anonymous Instagram Spying

With our ‘view Instagram story anonymously’ feature, you can watch stories without revealing your identity. It’s great for browsing Instagram profile anonymously, allowing Instagram users to protect their privacy when online.

Comprehensive Data Access

Don’t have an Instagram account, or is Instagram banned in your country? No worries! Use our Instagram story viewer to access stories of your favorite Instagram accounts in just simple clicks.

Respect for Privacy & Anonymity

The anonymous viewer doesn’t store Instagram user data, assuring you of complete privacy. This is especially beneficial when viewing stories from private accounts. We don’t compromise your Instagram data, letting you browse with peace of mind.

Private Content Curation

Our Instagram story downloader enables high-quality download of Instagram reels videos, private Instagram stories, and posts. With our tool, users can easily save interesting Insta stories before they disappear.

Easy for Sharing

Save your favorite stories before they expire, and have it available for future viewing or share with friends or family! Our app is fully compatible with many devices – Android/iOS, WIndows, and more.

Bypass IP Blocks

Looking to view Instagram stories but the app is restricted in your location? No worry. is here to help you easily spy and download your favorite stories in a few clicks.


What is Instagram Story Viewer & Downloader?

The Instagram Story Viewer & Downloader allows users to anonymously view Instagram stories of any public Instagram profile. Additionally, you have the option to download any story you wish, and save it for future use.

The tool is completely free to use, and doesn’t require login or sign-up.

How do I download Instagram stories?

Simply enter the username of the Instagram profile who’s story you’d like to anonymously watch. Our tool will load up all their active stories. Click download to watch the stories in full HD quality. Right click or tap again to download the content to your device.

Can I download insta stories on iPhone/iPad and other devices?

Yes, you can download Instagram stories on iPhone, iPad or Android devices. Our anonymous story viewer tool is 100% web-based, and thus allows users to download and watch Instagram stories on Mac, Windows, Phones and more! Additionally, our tool works on all browsers as well. So, you can easily download Instagram stories on Safari, Chrome, Firefox

How many Instagram stories can I view and download?

There is no limit to how many Instagram stories you can download. Simply enter the profile username, and anonymously view as many stories as you wish. Additionally, you may save profiles to your ‘favorites’ to easily access them using Instagram story download tool.

Can I just watch Instagram stories anonymously?

Yes, our tool gives you option to simply watch Instagram stories anonymously of any profile. Simply click the download button and you’ll be able to watch any Instagram story privately. If you’d like to save this story, simply tap on the video (keep long hold) and choose ‘download’.

Where will my downloaded Instagram stories and posts be stored?

Once you’ve used our Instagram stories saver to save stories, the photos and reels videos are automatically saved in the downloads folder of your device, be it a mobile phone or a computer. You can then open downloaded video files in your preferred media player.

Is it possible to download stories from a private Instagram account?

Sorry. Our Instagram story downloader respects user privacy and does not support downloading private Instagram stories. Accessing stories or highlights anonymously of a private Instagram account without the account owner’s explicit permission is a breach of privacy and is not condoned. Please respect the privacy of others while using our Instagram story download service.

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